Trilogy Of The Dead BBFC Rating 18

27 October 2017 20:00

Newcastle Castle Community Cinema

price: £15

A triple movie marathon of 'Night of the Living Dead', 'Dawn of the Dead' and 'Day of the Dead'. Price includes beer and pizza.

Because our first ever screening was at Halloween in 2009, we always love to do something a bit special at this time of year, to celebrate our birthday. 

This year is no different, as we will be putting on an incredibly special set of screenings, to commemorate the “The Godfather Of The Zombies”, and one of the all-time Kings Of Horror, Mr George A Romero, who sadly passed away in July of this year.  As a one-off tribute to this Behemoth of the undead, we will be screening IN FULL his ground-breaking  “Dead” TRILOGY – IN ITS ENTIRETY.

That’s right – a proper, old fashioned TRIPLE BILL, comprising Romero’s genre masterpieces, namely the original “NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD”(1968), “DAWN OF THE DEAD” (1978) & “DAY OF THE DEAD”(1985), one after the other, on the night of Friday 27th October. This will be a no-holds-barred zombie festival on a peerless scale - an unsurpassed masterclass in the genre of the undead - as we segue these 3 milestones from the horroriginator BACK TO BACK from 8pm.  Cult horror doesn’t come any bigger, so join us – if you dare – at the altar, to pay tribute to this undeniable Titan of Terror, and witness this rarest of film line-ups, up there on the big screen, where it belongs, and in pin-sharp ZombieVision.  

£15 tickets (which will move FAST for this) get you all 3 movies, PLUS  pizza and a beer; let alone the badge of honour you can wear, in saying “I Survived The NCC Full “Dead Trilogy” Screening – 27/10/17”, and watch as the weak fall to their knees in admiration in front of you. Or something. Either way, it’s going to be UTTERLY CLASS. See you there. (By the way, obviously this is an 18s and over event. And we WILL be ID’ing.) Happy Romeroween, filmfans.

Trilogy Of The Dead