POUTFest 2015


POUTFest 2015

POUTFest 2015's intention is to build an audience for a regular, sustainable programme of LGBT material that also appeals to an audience outside of the niche. The aim is to bring alternative material to audiences who would otherwise not see it and to engage an entirely new audience that does not normally go to the cinema.


As you may know the tour has financial support from the BFI and media partnerships with GT, DIVA, QX and Ultimate Planet to publicise  information on the tour across the UK through print, online and social media. POUTFest have a sizable budget to promote the screenings regionally and have teamed up with THINK JAM to maximise social media awareness outside of our own substantial reach.

 We have funding to bring talent to you, or provide special introduction or skype Q&As. We also have funding to make local talent available to host screenings, events and/or discussions.


There are posters, booklets, trailers and clips all ready for use by cinemas, societies, film clubs and social groups.


They have compiled a considerable database of regional LGBT organisations and groups who can help promote the POUT programme to any area within the UK and will use this to aid the promotion of the tour as it moves around the country.


They have an army ready to promote the 2015 POUTfest tour and they’d love to get Hub venues and organisations behind it.


The POUTfest programme booklet is available in print and online to view or download from here: http://bit.ly/1DPelAU

The POUTfest trailer is available on DCP or DVD / BD and can be viewed online here: https://vimeo.com/134007859

Password: poutfest

There are digital asset packs for each film for use by each venues own websites and social media.

There are links for all of the films should anyone wish to preview them prior to booking.

For bookings please contact either Tom Abell Tom.Abell@peccapics.com or Martin Myers: martin@miracle63.freeserve.co.uk

For publicity and marketing materials and tie ins contact either Will or Alex:



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