Help the dream of a documentary on the Curzon come true!


Help the dream of a documentary on the Curzon come true!


Today is the day!

The Curzon Project, an initiative by Stylografik, Kaffe O and Film Hub NI has officially launched.

In order to make the dream of a making a documentary about the Curzon cinema in Belfast come true, a range of high quality organic t-shirts and giclée prints featuring the iconic Ormeau building go on sale today. 

A percentage of the profits raised from the sale of the merchandise will go towards supporting independent filmmakers to shoot, edit and screen a documentary film during the summer of 2017. 


The aims of the project are to:

Recognise the importance of independent cinema and independent film makers.

Revive the glory days of the Curzon through archive footage of the famous institution.

Relive people’s personal experience of the cinema, from first films to first dates and beyond.

Overwhelmed with the response to a callout for Curzon memories last month, the team, along with Stuart Sloan from Ormeau based film club, Second Chance Cinema, have also produced a short launch film (available to watch below), featuring stories and history about the much missed Curzon, straight from staff, customers and fans of the cinema.

The obvious affection for the Curzon from cinema goers, from Belfast and the wider area, further drives the team to make this documentary a reality in order to showcase the people, community and building that for so many, felt like such a special place to gather together and watch films.

Orla (Kaffe O), Paul (Stylografik) and Sara (Film Hub NI) are urging the public to get behind the project:

“We’ve brought our 3 organisations together to launch this project, which we believe is an important legacy for the much missed Curzon and for those people for whom it was a valued part of the local community. We encourage you to get involved by buying a t-shirt and/or a print and spreading the word around your fellow Curzon loving friends. The Curzon was a significant part of so many people’s lives so let’s bring it back and relieve it – even if just for a short time!’.

Check out the range at Products will be on sale until May 18th and further announcements about the film will be made after that date.

Feel free to Tweet @curzonproject or email with memories, stories and old photos that may be useful for the film.

Be part of the Curzon revival.



Curzon Project Team
Paul McNally – Stylografik
Orla Smyth – Kaffe O
Sara Gunn-Smith – Film Hub NI

Camerawork and editing   
Stuart Sloan

Additional camera
Michael MacBroom
Stephen Mullan

Original Music
Dan Todd

Brian Henry Martin
Stephen Mullan
Diane Gaston
Lottie & Brian McDowell